Crown Highway Post Office (HPO) for sale in Phoenix, AZ

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Crown Highway Post Office (HPO) for sale in Phoenix, AZ

Postby Navservice » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:43 am

Here is a copy of a posting I placed on the crowncoachjunkies group at Yahoo. Bear in mind that this vehicle has many unique features that make it better (I think) anything else there is. Like a Greyhound, it has air suspension. Unlike a Greyhound, it has a four stroke diesel, a ten-speed stick, and a mid mounted engine (the bedroom isn't noisy and doesn't get hot). Unlike any bus, there is LOTS of headroom, a flat roof, and straight walls. Also unlike any Greyhound or derivitive, it should get at least 10MPG. Here's the posting:

I found the HPO for sale on Craiglist (http://phoenix. craigslist. org/rvs/60309914 7.html) and thought I might want to buy it so I, naturally, kept it to myself. I went to see it yesterday and decided I'm not interested but these are rare enough that someone that frequents this group might want to take a look.

I learned quite a bit about this but I'll just give the basic facts here. I've attached a photo that's much better that the one in the ad and I took many more which I'd be happy to e-mail.

It's listed as a 1965 and I found no reason to doubt it. In a glaring omission on my part, I neglected to take a photo of the data plate but I can tell you the serial number is 348xx and I think the xx is 34. The data plate says the engine is a Cummins 220 (743 c.i. and 220 horsepower). The engine has a turbo on it with unusual (I think but don't know for sure) exhaust pipe routing using flex tubing. I'm guessing the turbo was added later. I'm told it has a Jake brake and there is a switch labelled "Jake" on the side switch panel. It has air suspension front and rear which accounts for how low it was to the ground. I was able to look underneath but didn't take any photos. I noticed very unusual aluminum wheels with split rings since the tires are the original 11.00X20 size with tubes. I think the inside rear wheels are steel.

It needs some work to be driveable, maybe more than anyone knows about. It's been sitting for over three years without being started. I noticed a disintegrated airbag at the left end of the forward rear axle. The forward differentail is open and empty, the reason why it was parked in the first place. New differential parts are included in the deal and are located at the owner's place in New Mexico. I assume the batteries are shot. There is a high likelyhood that more than one airbag needs to be replaced. There are a couple of flat tires although it's possible they could hold air long enough to move it. Once those things are corrected, you might find others. The lot where it's being stored will close at the end of April so the HPO has to be out of there by then. It looks like you would be able to work on it where it is until then but there is no electricity or water and, as you can see, it's a dirt lot.

Almost all of the dark brown you can see is paint or primer, there is very little rust or corrosion, believe me, since buying my bus I keep an eye out for that now. I have more plus photos of the interior and exterior but I didn't take any of the engine. I can describe some of the things I didn't take photos of so, if you have questions, let me know.


Coming soon:

Photos of my new airride seat and 12V power connections on the electrical panel...

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